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"La Casa di Montalbano" - Location
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We are at Via Aldo Moro, 44 - Punta Secca - S. Croce C. - Ragusa

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 How to get here:
To reach Punta Secca, we recommend that you fly to Comiso airport, which is just 25 km (15 miles) away – – or to Catania airport, at a distance of 130 km (80 miles). Sicily’s other international airports are Palermo and Trapani.

                                                                    BY CAR

      From Comiso airport:
turn left and head for the town of Comiso; from there, follow the signs for Santa Croce Camerina – Punta Secca.  

        From Catania airport: following the signs for RAGUSA–SIRACUSA, drive about 17 km (10 miles) including a stretch of the new Catania–Siracusa motorway. Exit at the junction signposted RAGUSA–LENTINI–CARLENTINI. You will now be on the SS 194 Catania–Ragusa highway. After about 35 km (21 miles), the road becomes the SS 514; after about 40 km, turn off and follow the signs for S. CROCE CAMERINA. Stay on this road for around another 18 km, when you reach S. Croce Camerina. Here, follow the signs for MARINA DI RAGUSA–PUNTA SECCA–MARE for about 4 km (2.5 miles), until you reach a roundabout. Keep straight on until the end of the road; our B&B is on the right.  

       From Trapani airport: there are 2 options – take the motorway towards Palermo and follow the directions below from Palermo; alternatively, follow the signs for Agrigento, then take the SS 115 road, following the signs for AGRIGENTO–GELA–VITTORIA–S. CROCE CAMERINA–PUNTA SECCA.  

     From Palermo: follow the A19 motorway for around 100 km (62 miles) until the junction for CALTANISSETTA. Here, take the SS 626 for GELA for about 40 km (25 miles). When you reach Gela, take the SS 117-bis for VITTORIA, and from there follow the signs for S. CROCE CAMERINA–PUNTA SECCA.  

By bus

From Catania airport, take the ETNA company’s bus for Ragusa (services roughly hourly). From Ragusa, take the TUMINO company’s service for Marina di Ragusa–S. Croce Camerina–Kamarina, which stops on entering Punta Secca about 100 m from our B&B. 

   BY ferry boat

Connections from Pozzallo for Malta are available with Virtu Ferries   

Links from Catania for Naples and Sorrento are run by TTTLINES. See timetable. 

 We recommend that you telephone the operators first to check the current timetable. We cannot accept any liability for errors or alterations to the timetables shown on the above websites. 

                                                            Transfer from the airport

by private car from Comiso airport to Punta Secca, 1/3 seats € 45; 4/8 seats € 50

by private car from Catania airport to Punta Secca, 1/3 seats € 110; 4/8 seats € 125

One way rate for the whole car






Journey distances and times:

Since Sicily has just 2 motorways but many highways, times are more indicative than distances:


Agrigento Km 122 - about 2 hours

Catania Km 135 - about 1 hous and 40 minutes

Messina km 220 - about 2 hours and 30 minutes 

Palermo Km 240 - about 3 hours

Trapani km 350 - about 4 hours and 40 minutes 

Siracusa Km 102 - about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Taormina Km 175 - about 2 hours 


  • Temperatures in Sicily


    The Sicilian climate is typically Mediterranean – sizzling hot in summer (especially when the Sirocco wind is blowing), mild in spring and autumn, and pleasantly cool in the short winters. What little rain we get falls mainly from October to March. The hottest weather comes in July and August, with daily mean temperatures of 26°C–30°C (79–86°F); the minimum temperature arrives between December and February, typically 10°C–14°C (50–57°F).


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